One of the biggest cities in New Zealand, Auckland, is nestled in the north of the country. The city is significantly packed with tourists all year round. With monumental edifices, volcanic isles, and scenic coasts, Auckland flawlessly blends astonishing vistas with the chaotic din of city living. If you plan to tour the country, renting a car is the most promising way to make the most of your trip. Cited below are some required elements that you must keep in mind if you want the best rental cars in Auckland:

Valid License

Before seeking a car, you should ensure that you have an international driving permit anywhere you travel outside of your native country. Nevertheless, if you are traveling for less than 12 months, then a valid license with the below-mentioned standards enables you to drive anywhere in New Zealand so that you can get yourself avail of the best rental cars in Auckland:

License number
A photograph
A valid date
And it is in English
When to Hire a Car

Making an itinerary before your journey is always a wise choice. If you desire to lease a car in New Zealand, ensure you are familiar with the factor, I.e., when to hire a car.

Best Time

New Zealand is a renowned tourist attraction and is fully packed, especially in January and February. You might not find deals at the last moment during Summer. So, as soon as you have selected your dates, book the car on a reliable site like Rental Cars 247 instantly! If you want the best rental cars in Auckland tailored to your choices based on the vehicle type and price, renting your car as soon as feasible is highly advisable.

Size of the Car

If you booked different accommodation, you need to carry your luggage here and there, to ease your trip, it is suggested to hire a big car so that you can have all your luggage in. The size of the vehicle wholly leans on the number of individuals trekking and the quantity of luggage you possess. Furthermore, always choose a car with an excellent motor, as you might be traveling through numerous hills and turning points. After all, everyone desires to drive through hills while witnessing breathtaking vistas.

Decide your transmission type for the Car

Most cars in New Zealand are automatic that don’t require shifting gears manually. However, if you don’t wish to book an automatic car, you can select the option for manual transmission, in which you can operate the clutch and decide when to shift gears.

Vehicles with Sleeping Facility

Renting a vehicle wherein you can sleep or rest anytime you feel exhausted amid exploring could be a great benefit to leverage your tour excitement. It can also save you from paying extra money for accommodation.


Leasing a car for a road trip to the main cities in New Zealand could be a thrilling experience. Since New Zealand is breathtaking yet extremely outlying, it is always wise to book a rental car to make your trip worthwhile.