Rental Cars 247
New Zealand.

With 20 years of car hire experience, we understand
that flexibility is a key aspect to a good holiday.

Rental Cars 247

Rental Cars 247 is your value for money 24/7 car rental company in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide high quality, reliable, and affordable car rental services in Auckland, and we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver an optimal customer experience with each car hire. Our numerous clients trust us to provide them with the best car hire service that’ll help them get to their destination, no matter the time of the day.

We’re not just any company for car hire, we’re the only 24/7 rental car business in Auckland, and we ensure all our cars are in perfect condition always. We’re your best choice because we’re located at approximately 2km from the airport and we offer a 24/7 shuttle service. We aim to deliver excellent client satisfaction at all times.

20 Years of Experience 

With 20 years of car hire experience, we understand that flexibility is a key aspect to good holiday, whether booking a car, airplane ticket or accommodation, we all need flexibility right!

Right! So we’ve decided to pair up with our parent company Parknfly to offer you a simple and seamless 24/7 service that will never leave you stranded with late pick up fees or exorbitant prices.

It’s simple, you get an economical late model, well maintained vehicle at our discounted rates, available for pick up 24/7 keeping your journey absolutely smooth and stress free.

  • Flexible - Open 247
  • Honest - Up front and passionate
  • Simple - No long drawn out process or paper work
  • Value - No hidden costs

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Rental Cars 247 is 100% committed to keep our beautiful country clean and green. Join us by taking care of our home Aotearoa the land of the long white cloud. Book Today!