New Zealand is popularly known as "God's Own Country," abbreviated as Godzone, because of its incredibly fantastic beauty. Undoubtedly apart from being one of the most famous tourist destinations, NZ is a haven for adventure junkies. However, everyone has their own opinion about the most picturesque country on the whole planet. Still, no one will ever deny that New Zealand is one of the most formidable contenders for the top place on this list. So, book affordable rental cars in Auckland and explore them on this vacation!

Why do I need to Rent Affordable Rental Cars in Auckland?  

Can you get around in New Zealand without having your own wheels?  

Unfortunately, God has not blessed the land with a robust public transportation network like Europe. Yes, it is possible. However, it may be more complex than touring Europe by rail. The train line and bus routes are limited, domestic airlines are pricey and only constrained to main centers, and ferry rides that take people from North Island to South Island are also less. So, relying entirely on public transport left you missing the best views as some mesmerizing views, remote beaches, scenic spots, favorite local restaurants, and charming towns are tucked away off the beaten tracks.   

These are some reasons you need to book the best rental cars in Auckland. Therefore, don't play a waiting game when planning your next holiday to New Zealand. Do your research and pick the rental car as per your need to enjoy this magnificent part of the world.  

Are You Able to Hire a Rental Car in New Zealand?  

Yes, you most likely can if you have a complete and current driver's license from your native country. This is the first of several requirements for foreign drivers by the New Zealand Transport Authority.  

Before applying for a New Zealand license, you can use a foreign license for up to 12 months. A correct translation is required if your license is not written in English. In this situation, an international driving permit is viable, but it must be submitted with the original license.   

An essential car weighs up to 6000 kg. You may operate the cars in New Zealand if your foreign driving license permits you to use heavier vehicles. To get ready, read the nation's official road code to know New Zealand's traffic laws to drive a rental automobile there.


There is much more than you imagine to see in this beautiful country. From mountain peaks, beautiful towns, numerous cityscapes, and amazing coastlines, it is perfect for every traveler. Also, it offers a fair number of things to do for everyone. And the ideal way to experience it all together is to book affordable rental cars in Auckland. Find out the need and the eligibility criteria to book a rental car in NZ.