Are you traveling to New Zealand for the first time?   

Concerned about operating a different type of car in a foreign country?  

So, it's time to prepare for your trip to the Kiwi roads as you have to follow all the traffic roads anyhow. Plan to spend one or two nights in the city of your arrival to give yourself time to become acquainted with our driving habits and conditions.  

Let's get a deep dive into the traffic rules of New Zealand before hiring the best car rental Auckland airport.   

Keep Left  

Always follow the left-hand traffic lane. Please take a moment to remind yourself of this rule before getting back on the road after a break if you usually drive on the right side of the road in your home nation. It's easy to lose track of where you are! So, revision is a must.

Driving Speeds  

On speed limit signs, the top speed is shown. However, occasionally you have to slow down because of the road or the weather. Look out for the speed restriction signs since different speed limits are in effect around New Zealand.   

Unless a sign specifies a lower speed, the majority of New Zealand's significant roadways have a 100 km/h speed restriction. Unless specifically indicated by a sign, the speed limit in urban areas is typically 50 km/h.  

In New Zealand, there are numerous covert speed cameras. We urge you to follow the posted speed restrictions in New Zealand while driving Auckland airport car rental. It is illegal to go faster than the posted speed limit, and doing so could cause your insurance to lapse.

Mobile Devices  

Using a hand-held mobile phone or a hand-held portable GPS unit while driving is prohibited. The item must either be entirely hands-free or firmly fastened to the car. Therefore, you must refrain from using these devices for you while driving on Kiwi roads.

Give Way at Intersections  

When turning, always utilize your indicators. When there is a stop sign, all vehicles need to stop completely and yield to oncoming traffic. You need to slow down and be ready to stop and yield to any oncoming traffic when you see a giveaway sign. Unique give-way regulations apply when two vehicles are crossing paths at a junction while both are waiting for a stop or give-way sign.

Safety Belts  

No matter if they are in the front or the back seats, all passengers are required by law to wear safety belts. If you are found driving without a seatbelt, you risk paying a hefty amount as a fine.

Final Thought  

Now, you are all set to hit the Kiwi roads with the best car rental Auckland airport. However, if you still want to know more about the NZ driving rules, you can check it out from NZ Transport Agency