Planning to go to New Zealand?  

So, spending at least a day in Auckland is an obligatory stop if you plan to visit New Zealand. Auckland is one of the largest and favorite tourist destinations in New Zealand. You will even realize it in just 24 hours in Auckland.   

Any Auckland itinerary needs to be a blend of both urban and outdoor adventures. The beautiful city of Auckland has many things to offer travelers, such as bungee jumping, hiking, vineyards, hot springs, whale watching, rainforest, and many more.

Need help with where to go in Auckland in just 24 hours?  

First and foremost, the thing is to hire affordable rental cars in Auckland to effortlessly utilize your 24 hours to explore different attractions of Auckland.   

Undoubtedly, you won't cover every single corner of the city in just one day; after all, it is a huge city with tons of things to see! To be more precise, you just need to focus on downtown Auckland and the surrounding places of the downtown.   

An Amazing Stroll Around Auckland Domain  

Start your day in Auckland at the largest city park located east of downtown. With 75 hectares of green space, Auckland Domain is the city's most prominent and oldest park. Go directly to the duck pond as you try to visit Auckland in a single day.   

In the pond's middle, there is a large tree. After viewing Auckland from above, proceed on foot to the botanical gardens. While touring the two enormous greenhouses, you may take in a variety of temperate and tropical flora. If you enjoy history, consider visiting the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the park's center.

Visit Albert Park to Witness Incredible Floral Clock & Victoria Statue  

You'll go to Albert Park from Auckland Domain, allowing you to get lots of fresh air first thing in the morning. The most extended stroll you'll take while visiting Auckland will be this one. Walking will take you to Albert Park in around 18 minutes.  

After entering the park, stroll and see numerous monuments and memorials. There is a statue of Queen Victoria, a memorial to the Boer War, and statues of other well-known New Zealanders.

Stroll Around Aotea Square and Experience Local Culture  

To get to Aotea Square, the next location on your one-day tour of Auckland, cross the street and proceed behind The Civic. A large number of modern sculptures and statues may be found in the open public area, which is bordered by contemporary architecture. A public event, market, or skating rink may be built in the middle of Aotea Square, depending on the season.

Observation Deck in the Sky Tower  

The Sky Tower’s height is 328 meters. Public access to several upper levels is available. The observation deck on the 51st floor of the Sky Tower, where you can see the metropolitan skyline, is the area of the building that receives the most visitors.    

Cathedral of St Patrick  

Return to the ground floor, exit the Sky Tower, and proceed two blocks north to the Cathedral of St. Patrick. A cursory glance at the exterior and a quick inside tour should leave you with a lasting impression of the impressive Gothic Revival building. At some locations, like the cathedral, you'll need to move swiftly if you're trying to see all of Auckland in 24 hours.     

Hire rental cars in Auckland to enjoy these significant attractions, and finally, you can shop & dine-in in Auckland downtown and enjoy the ocean breeze & party in Viaduct Harbour.